The 2nd Annual Providence Prohibition Party – The Smallest State’s Biggest Hemp Fest!

The cold weather broke just in time for the Rhode Island General Assembly to come to an end. Though they left much on the table this year, including a fiscal budget, labeling bill and the latest legalization bill, can you really blame them for abruptly closing the doors in anticipation of such an exciting summer? Most significant is the 2nd Annual Providence Prohibition Party, which is put together every summer in honor of the state legislature’s inability to take any action on a common sense marijuana bill. I am positive that our senior representatives all want to be present at this event to get a better feel for the true desires of their constituents surrounding cannabis.

Lately, voter turnout has been nearly nonexistent in anything less than a presidential election because many feel their vote doesn’t matter. Unfortunately for us, RI politics are a shining example of why this is the general consensus. Five years into this bill, which we believe has majority support in the RI House and Senate, we have yet to see a vote. To make the slap in the face more painful, the RI population isn’t even allowed to vote on this issue since RI doesn’t have a ballot process. It is up to our state representatives to take action and vote on this bill, yet House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello has made it his personal mission to sack this measure by not allowing our appointed representatives the opportunity to do so, instead holding the bill for further study.

This is the reason for this event. This is your opportunity to come out and show your representatives that you want this measure to pass. There will be various resources at this event for you to better understand the politics and deception behind the past 75 years of prohibition in the US. There also will be opportunities for attendees to participate in petitioning their representatives to put an end to marijuana prohibition in RI.

However, this event isn’t just another political rally. There also will be vendors, food, carnival games and some of the best local acts in PVD.  This year’s lineup includes Sasquatch (from Sasquatch and the Sick-a-Billy’s) and his Ghost Town Revival, Viking Jesus (winner of Motif‘s Best Alternative Rock Band in 2014 and this year’s Singer/Songwriter), Viennagram (Motif‘s 2015 Best Live Act), Cannibal Ramblers (Motif‘s 2015 Best Blues Act), Cosmic Factory and The Dead LA (two of the best rising bands out of the local rock scene). Needless to say, this year’s event should be an extravaganza that will make last year’s historic party look like your Great Aunt Agnes’s 97th birthday bash (which was actually a fun time).

Join 13 Folds on Jul 25 for their 2nd Annual Providence Prohibition Party, which will be at Dusk (301 Harris Ave, PVD). Support local artists and entertainers, hang out with some great people and send a message to your local politicians that will help reinforce our community’s stance on legalization in RI. I hope to see you all there.