David Sorgman

Opinion: Cannabis Tourism on the “Beast Coast”

With a multitude of popular tourist destinations, New England has been a vacation hot spot for over a century. From Cape Cod and the islands in Massachusetts to Acadia National Park in Maine, New England offers a variety of coastal attractions, amusement parks, museums, historic cities, music festivals and more to keep a tourism industry […]

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Opinion: RI Cannabis Blues – Legalize Before It’s Too Late

For the seventh straight year, Rhode Island legislators have presented a bill to tax and regulate cannabis, much like the alcohol and tobacco industries are regulated. According to Regulate Rhode Island, the Adult Use of Cannabis Act (2017 H-5555) would replace Rhode Island’s existing policy of cannabis prohibition and permit adults over the age of […]

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The 2nd Annual Providence Prohibition Party – The Smallest State’s Biggest Hemp Fest!

The cold weather broke just in time for the Rhode Island General Assembly to come to an end. Though they left much on the table this year, including a fiscal budget, labeling bill and the latest legalization bill, can you really blame them for abruptly closing the doors in anticipation of such an exciting summer? […]

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High Society: The Relationship of Companion Legislation on State and Federal Levels

I am chronicling the crusades to end marijuana prohibition in the US, while attempting to promote common sense changes that  may have been overlooked. In doing so, I’ve discussed two major bills (on local and state levels) introduced during the first quarter of 2015 legislation. Bill H5777 (The Marijuana Regulation, Control and Taxation Act) was introduced […]

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High Society: The Cannabis Chronicles, Episode 1

Over the past two years, I have had the pleasure of interacting with a variety of individuals who share the common goal of ending marijuana prohibition. Do not be mistaken, however, as even though these individuals find themselves on similar crusades, their definitions of victory differ. These differences can be categorized into four basic categories: […]

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Why Oklahoma & Nebraska Hate America’s Children

Colorado just celebrated their one year anniversary of legalized recreational cannabis. Though the results of regulation and taxation did not meet the optimistic predictions of some supporters, the overall outcome has been positive. The state has created over 10,000 licensed jobs within the marijuana industry, not including those created in associated markets such as construction, […]

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