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The Providence Poetry Slam Team

For years the Providence Poetry Slam has sent a team to the competition, the only slam team in Rhode Island to compete and represent the city at the National Poetry Slam. This year is no different. Providence’s team is made up of Marlon Carey, Steve Labri, Devin Samuels and me, Christopher Johnson. We’ll be in Boston from Monday, August 12 through Saturday, August 17. The team’s first bout will be Tuesday, August 13 at Johnny D’s, which is located at 17 Holland St. in Somerville. The start time is 9 pm so if you are going to support the home team, please arrive early. These bouts tend to fill up quickly!

The Providence Poetry Slam Team

Marlon Carey is a poet who has been a member of both the Boston Poetry Slam and Boston Lizard Lounge Poetry Slam Teams. He is also a proud member of the Providence RI-based poetry troupe, Brother’s Keeper. Steve Labri is a Pawtucket native and the rookie of the team. When asked, “How did you get into poetry slam?” He simply replied, “I was a rapper, I went to my first slam and thought I could do it.” Devin Samuels is a Cranston resident and coach of the Conn youth slam team made from members of his present college, U Conn, and other youth from the surrounding community. Devin represented Providence on multiple youth slam teams and while this is his first adult slam, he is no stranger to the competition. Christopher Johnson is Providence’s present Grand Slam Champion representing Providence not only at National Poetry Slam, but at the Individual World Poetry Slam in Spokane, Washington, in September.


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