Cannabis Microdosing

Managing your cannabis consumption can be a daunting task, even for the most seasoned users. With a large number of variables at play every time you consume, it can be very hard to predict how it will make you feel, and you may be taking in far more cannabis than your body needs. From THC and CBD potency, to strain selection and terpene profile, to puff size and metabolism, the number of factors that affect your experience makes it hard to standardize, which keeps most healthcare professionals from being interested.

Microdosing is the practice of taking in much smaller quantities of cannabis than you may be used to. Many people consume cannabis until they feel the familiar psychoactive effects. With microdosing, the aim is to achieve medical benefits without feeling any side effects (whether or not you enjoy them). For some people this can mean taking just a single puff of a joint or on a vaporizer, or taking an edible that is 3 – 5mg THC. By consuming smaller amounts of cannabinoids more frequently, you activate and engage your endocannabinoid system without overloading it, which increases your tolerance and you experience diminishing benefits over time. The body has a threshold with how much it can metabolize in one sitting, and frequently users go above and beyond that limit. Microdosing is not a solution for all types of cannabis consumers, however it is definitely worth investigating for the sake of your wallet and your tolerance.

Start Low

Start out taking in the smallest amount you can — one puff on a joint or a quarter of the recommended dosage of an edible. Avoid concentrates like hash and rosin, as their high potency will make it impossible to ingest a small amount. Some self-restraint is necessary, as most people find the side effects to be enjoyable. The object isn’t to get high, but to maintain a healthy level of cannabis in the body.

Try Multiple Delivery Methods
There are many ways to consume cannabis, and some are more easily titrated than others. Items like tinctures and edibles can be ingested in minute amounts, where you might find it harder to pack 1/16th of a bowl successfully.

Documenting your experiences will be crucial to successful microdosing. Factors like your mood, appetite, hydration and amount of sleep can all change how cannabis affects you, not to mention the kind of product and how you consume it. Being able to predict trends will require a backlog of experiences.

Be Patient
If you are a heavy user, adapting to microdosing can take time. At first it may not feel as if it is worth it, but over time the benefits will increase gradually and be more consistent and predictable, and you will find yourself spending less on excessive amounts of product.

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