Keep Calm and Panic! (at the Disco)

Every generation needs an Elton. Or a Freddie. This generation has Brendon.

Lead singer and last remaining original Panic! At the Disco band member, Brendon Urie, puts on a fantastic show for his adoring (and screaming) fans!

Last Saturday (Jan 19), Panic! At the Disco came into PVD for a one-night show on their way from NJ to DC. The Pray for the Wicked tour is hitting 28 cities in its second leg, and Providence made the list! You could tell fans from all over New England were excited for this night; the first fans lined up at 3pm even though doors didn’t open until 6pm and Panic! wasn’t scheduled to come on stage until almost 9pm!

The crowd was electric with anticipation — and for good reason. Not only is Brendon a phenomenal vocalist — labeled a tenor, Brendon’s range is claimed to cross four octaves — he’s also a talented musician (he reportedly plays at least nine instruments, showing fans his skills at the piano, guitar and drums live during the show) and a brilliant showman; this concert came complete with multiple hydraulic stages, pyrotechnics, laser shows and a flying Brendon playing the piano! The crowd sang along throughout the setlist, as would be expected, and there was a touching show of love for the LGBTQ+ community during Girls/Girls/Boys when fans lit up the Dunk with an array of cell phone lights in support of the song’s line “Love is not a choice.” Check it out on social media: #PATDhearts

Equal love and support was shown for the opening acts. Betty Who got the crowd amped up when her two male dancers started chair dancing, and Two Feet got everyone all riled up as he writhed on the floor while playing guitar! Both acts feature heavy bass lines with a no-holds-barred attitude. Without a doubt, the entire show was a smash! I think it’s fair to say PVD would be happy to have Panic! At the Disco back any time!

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