Celiac Notes

PVD’s  Los Andes is a celiac-friendly treasure featuring authentic Peruvian and Bolivian dishes. During a recent visit, one of the first questions our server, Kat, asked our group was if anyone at the table had any allergies. I mentioned celiac and she immediately identified celiac-friendly dishes on the menu. She explained that although they maintain a separate fryer for the plantains and fries, sometimes there is cross-contamination with gluten, so before placing my order she confirmed with the kitchen that I would be okay with my meal choice and our shared apps.

The langostino paella and beef hearts were amazing. The Bisteca a lo Pobre with cheesy rice, French fries and fried plantains was superb. There was amazing attention to detail and they took celiac seriously! Shout out to Ali, the GM, for having a top-notch staff!