Victoria Uustal

Celiac Notes

PVD’s  Los Andes is a celiac-friendly treasure featuring authentic Peruvian and Bolivian dishes. During a recent visit, one of the first questions our server, Kat, asked our group was if anyone at the table had any allergies. I mentioned celiac and she immediately identified celiac-friendly dishes on the menu. She explained that although they maintain a […]

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Don’t Gluten Me, Bro!: Celiac is a thing, not a fad, and restaurants need to step up their game

For fad diets, gluten-free means cutting out bread, pasta and beer; it’s a preference, not a necessity. Celiac disease, on the other hand, is an autoimmune disorder. When someone with celiac disease ingests gluten, the body’s immune reaction is to inflame the lining of the small intestine, damaging it and preventing the absorption of nutrients, […]

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