Locale Profiles: Providence Coal-Fired Pizza — Pizza and Bowling Night Just Got a Lot More Exciting

pizzaMy husband and I recently took our boys to the Kingstown Bowl for a night of bowling, pizza and beer/lemonade. Culinary expectations were low, as the Kingstown Bowl’s pizza – though adequate – doesn’t really evoke excitement.  As we pulled into the parking lot, I saw that Providence Coal-Fired Pizza just opened a sister restaurant in North Kingstown … next to Kingstown Bowl.

Like the Sirens singing their song, the smell of the wood-fired oven beckoned me to sample all the cheesy/hoppy goodness within. In anticipation of the meal to come, I couldn’t get through our bowling fast enough.  That said, I didn’t sacrifice form and skill, achieving the highest score in our foursome, where I beat a 5-year-old too small to hold the ball, an 8-year-old, and a 41-year-old recovering from a broken arm. Damn, I’m good!

As we meandered across the parking lot, I noticed that the lot looked full, as did the valet service. Valet service in North Kingstown? How have I missed such a popular place? Hopefully we wouldn’t have to wait.

We got there early enough (5:30) that getting a table was not a problem. I can’t say the same for the enormous crowd waiting for our table when we left. As the hostess seated us, we walked past the bar, which looked like a lively, fun place for an after-work drink.

We immediately ordered our drinks and appetizers: sticky ribs and chicken wings. My boys loved the ribs, though my husband and I preferred the wings: sea salt and rosemary seasoned and covered in roasted onions. I’m not quite sure how the onions and wings went together as they had to be eaten separately. Who cares, really. Both tasted scrumptious.

The pizza arrived after about 20 minutes, making us extremely grateful we’d ordered appetizers. We’d chosen the meatball pizza, topped with ricotta and mozzarella cheese for the kids, and the sausage and broccoli rabe for us. My children aren’t picky eaters and love both meatballs and lasagna so I felt this was a safe choice. Wrong. They looked at that poor ricotta like it was a turd sitting atop their pizza. They refused to eat it and wouldn’t go near the broccoli rabe pizza. No surprise there. My husband and I, however, loved each of them and scarfed down both pies.

We ordered another pizza for the kids, this time opting for the safe choice: cheese. While waiting, my husband began to complain that smoke from the wood-fired oven was bothering his eyes. My kids got antsy and started fighting. Sigh. I ordered another beer.

Eventually the cheese pizza arrived, which my kids enjoyed immensely. We packed up the leftovers and headed on our way. As we left, I looked longingly at the bar and vowed to return with some friends who aren’t so high-maintenance.

Providence Coal-Fired Pizza’s North Kingstown location is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner at 6105 Post Rd, North Kingston. Make a reservation on the weekend, or be prepared to wait. providencecoalfiredpizza.com

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