Wine Picks for Summer Sippin’

Remember when we needed to leave our houses 30 minutes early to warm our cars up and, upon arrival, plan our path to our destination so as to not slip on ice and break our kneecaps? Yeah, me too. Now the worst thing that can happen is rolling over in bed and accidentally sneezing into the fan. Well, that and the drunk-like gypsy moths that are ruining everyone’s good time. As we do our North Face about-face into the summertime mentality, with it comes the need for more thirst quenching libations.

The beginning of summer season is also the time of year filled with tons of college graduations and wedding celebrations, which often mean stuffing envelopes with your hard-earned disposable income. A great option for a celebratory sipper that won’t break the bank is the Spanish-bred Lacueva Brut Reserva. Rich in ripe fruit such as apricots, honeyed figs and orange zest, the Lacueva isn’t a traditional Cava sparkling, but rather made in the Méthode Champenoise style you’d traditionally associate with Champagne. Serve it up with brie and pears for a simple knock-your-socks-off combo that you’ll be craving time and time again.

Pretty sure we’d all be in agreement that New England summers call for either being in a body of water or having a boatload of water in your body. So if you’re taking a break from the H2o to treat your taste buds, rosé is the best way to go. The fuller bodied and bone dry Chateau Lauzade does it alllllll right with enough pleasin’ for the season. Up-front notes of strawberry, watermelon and peach finish with a deeper cherry flavor at the end, leaving you feeling like you just had the most delicious liquid fruit cocktail … but in wine form. Best thing about pairing this wine with food is that it goes great with everything and/or nothing at all. I always like to say there’s a seat for every ass when it comes to finding the right wine for someone. In this case, Chateau Lauzade would be the Wilt Chamberlain of seats. Its easy drinking and approachable style will make this rosé a summer staple for sure.

We’d be lying to ourselves if we didn’t admit that even in the warm weather sometimes nothing satisfies quite like a glass of red wine on what ends up being a comparatively cool night. Lighter bodied reds are perfect for the breezy summer nights that tend to become much-needed breaks from the hot and humid days. Or in my case, a break from my little Portuguese afro making itself a summertime staple. The Dashe Cellars “Les Enfants Terribles” Zinfandel is one of the front runners here. This is not your parents’ big, bold, jammy zin. The Oakland, California, winemakers are able to capture another side of the Zinfandel grape by employing the carbonic maceration method (think Beaujolais), which helps ensure the wine has a lightness and finesse you’ll be surprised by. Juicy cranberry, pomegranate and ripened strawberry notes shine through on the palate with a long savory finish. Feel free to throw a light chill on this Dashe offering before serving it up with grilled pizza, burgers or paella.

Whether you plan on bringing a bottle to a cookout or just want to drink alone in the comfort of your air conditioned room while trying to forget that grown men wearing rompers was actually a trend, all of these wines are sure to elevate your day.

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