Got Beer?

Corks and Rec: Wines to take you from September scorchers to fall’s first frost

As the proverbial sun sets on summer in New England, there’s a certain calm in the air. The rhythmic “thwap” of damp towels swaying in the breeze while slung over decks and porch ledges will soon be replaced with the sounds of school buses motoring by and “Happy Halloween!” being sung in unison door to door. But as this season changes, so do our tastes. We’re mid-way between needing the crispy, thirst-quenching bevys of summer and the oh-shit-it’s-a-blizzard fuller-bodied wines of winter. So here we are: Your perfect picks for fall wines. Settle in and let’s get it started. 

September Scorchers 

There’s a unique flow to everything in New England, including our weather transitions. Rigid seasonal changes? We don’t know her. Even as the temps start to fall, we still have those September scorcher days. Enter: Pseudonimo. This Portuguese pet-nat will have you puckering that pout with its slight effervescence and mouth-watering acidity. Up-front notes of passion fruit and lemon zest make this a great fall wine to have on deck for these warmer days ahead. The Pseudonimo’s medium-bodied heft caters to food pairings like fresh seafood or salads with a lemony vinaigrette,  but it by far pairs best with good times and even better friends. 

Cool Weather Cutie

Spooky time is one of the things I look forward to the most in the fall. The mere sound of a twig snapping or breeze blowing by has you looking over your shoulder praying Jason isn’t standing behind you with blood lust in his eyes and his dirty ass machete in tow. But the scary sounds of leaves rustling in the dark pales in comparison to the joyful pop of a cork being pulled from a newly opened bottle of Amity Vineyard’s White Pinot Noir. This Oregonian beaut isn’t the pinot noir you’d typically find gracing the dinner tables across the globe. Amity Vineyard gently presses the grapes to reduce the amount of tannins imparted on the wine. The final result is pale gold hues and notes of nectarine, pineapple and orange blossom. The inherent structure from the grapes themselves make this the perfect choice for pairing with heftier fall meals like creamy soups and roasts. 

Frigid Fall Fave

As the crispness of the weather starts to change to out-right cold AF nights, we could all use something to warm us up. And no, I’m not talking about your Tinder date. Gran Sasso Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is the bees knees. Juicy red and black fruit notes, like perfectly ripened plums with hints of cassis, envelop your palate. Smooth tannins and restrained acidity keep this Italian stallion balanced in all the right ways. Try the Gran Sasso on those frigid fall evenings to warm your cockles and help stop you from turning the heat up before you promised yourself you would. Pair this bad Larry with anything from pizza to a full-on Thanksgiving-style feast.