IMBIBE: Witch’s Revenge

witchCandy for the neighborhood kids? Check. Costume for Halloween Party? Check. Campy horror flick set on Netflix queue? Check.


If you’ve got a caustic sensibility and a knack for the sweet, then look no further, my dears, your All Saint’s Eve libation awaits. This vindictive, candied number comes courtesy of Nicholas Saez, with an admittedly sweet tooth who wanted a play on red apples. And play he’s done.

What: Witch’s Revenge

Go Get:
2oz Absolute Orient Apple
.5oz St. Germain
1 oz White Cranberry Juice
Garnish: a slice of a red apple or cherry

Deliver the ingredients into a shaker. Whisper a hex. Shake. Pour and strain into a martini glass and garnish with an red apple (or cherry if you must).

Found Where:
Nami (& while guest bartending at The Stable)

Nicholas can be found at Nami on the Hill or guest bartending at The Stable. When asked what his favorite Halloween memory was, he shared, “A couple years ago at The Dark Lady in Providence, everything possibly went wrong that could have. I had my wallet stolen and no real costume. But I was out dancing with one of my best friends and that’s all that was important.”

Nicholas’ optimism may well serve him; but I daresay, at least his revenge should be served cold. Shaken, in a martini glass.

Enjoy, witches, ghouls, victims of the night….

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