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IMBIBE: Lime Rock

Screenshot_20180401-203555Do you feel that? In the air? It’s time. Cocktail menu changes are upon us. For SPRING.
Yes, despite March roaring in like a lion and, uh, out like a frozen lion, we still believe spring will spread over New England. While we wait for the weather to turn warmer and green things to sprout, your local spirits intelligentsia quietly finalize their seasonal cocktail menus.
What to expect? Look for more gin, rum and tequila drinks. Rumor has it the East End plans a little pisco action coming at us on their patio. The Eddy’s working up a slew of spot-on-as-per-usual beverages … and at least one of them has tequila for all you agave fans. The Dorrance is featuring great drinks from their alumni of amazing bartenders — like a yearbook of beverages, with plenty of weather-appropriate options and a few warmers in case you still feel that chill in the air. Down in Newport the fine people of Perro Salado are devising a strawberry drink that’ll have you feeling like throwing off your sweater shackles and romping in a park.
But before you completely twitterpate with warmer weather wanderlust, meander over to the bar at Vanderbilt Grace. Yes, yes, you might be thinking I’ve lost my way from one too many, but trust this writer. Christine Mercado, bar manager, created a whole line of amazing cocktails for Women’s History Month — yeah, we know March ended. But we had to mention at least one of them. Why? It’s delicious, you can make it at home following our handy guide below, and because we can.
What: “Lime Rock” — Ida Lewis
Found Where: The Vanderbilt Grace
Go Get:
  • 1.75 oz Appleton Estate Reserve Blend Rum
  • 0.75 oz ginger liqueur
  • 0.5 oz lime juice
  • 0.5 oz simple syrup
  • soda water
  • Rim half of the glass with lime salt
  • Shake rum, ginger liqueur, lime and simple syrup
  • Strain over fresh ice into rocks glass
  • Finish with lime salt rim and gumpaste anchor*
“This Amazing woman [Ida Lewis]  kept the lighthouse on Lime Rock for 54 years, during which she saved 18 to 25 lives,” Mercado posted on her Instagram feed recently while I swooned over her creation. Grab this drink, Google Ida Lewis (or check out the documentary:, and then go find some sunshine. Happy spring, indeed.
*Unless you’re an artist like the talented Mercado, don’t bother making the anchor; just buy a plastic one and wish you were an artist instead.