IMBIBE: Well Spritz Me Already

Warm humid days are upon us and we are tired – if that’s even possible – of our usual summer brews. Take a break from your hazy IPAs and summer shandys. Pause the margarita for a refreshing ever-so-slightly-sessionable and easy-to-make drink: The Spritz. Some say the Aperol Spritz, others recall their grandma’s circa 1991 white wine spritzers.

It’s all fair game and you can, too, enjoy some morning, day and evening drinking as summer fades. The spritz actually has a past that’s old – it wasn’t just part of the 1950s cocktail craze that Aperol (for which we thank thee mighty spirit gods) crowned. Spritz were actually grown from a period in the 1800s when forces from what would become Austria invaded an area of Italy (Veneto). Venetians were asked to add water to the sparkling wines (red or white) to lower the alcohol content – a spritzen in their conqueror’s language.

Essentially, this cocktail began with adding cold water to sparkling red or white wine. Fast forward to the west’s cocktail culture 1950s heyday and Italians began using a lovely amaro called Aperol with prosecco. Orange-hued and easy to crush, this beverage now hails another revival. Perhaps you’ve seen this or a version of this at a brunch spot near you.


Try it. Maybe you’ve seen Cynar, Gran Classico or Campari with bubbly and club soda. Also delicious.

Make one at home this weekend. Or weeknight. Whenever, and sit outside, relaxing for a minute before school starts, before cooler weather, before you break and buy octoberfest too early.

Aperol Spritz

Go get:

2 oz Aperol (or your favorite Amaro)

4 oz Prosecco

.75 oz Club Soda

Orange Peel

Make: Put ice in the goblet. Pour Aperol, pour prosecco and club soda over it. Top with orange peel and serve and stir and sip. And sip. And sip. And make another one.


Vermouth Spritz

Go get:

3 oz Vermouth (in warmer weather try a Bianco or Medium Dry)

2 oz Prosecco or Club Soda


Orange twist or a Green Olive and lemon twist

Make: Place ingredients in a goblet and pour and drink and pour another.

Your Mom’s White Wine Spritz

Go get:

4 oz chilled white wine

1 oz sparkling water or club soda**

Lemon peel

Make: Pour ingredients into wine glass and drink. Repeat.


* Yes, you can borrow the title of this article for your next dating app tagline; go for it and good luck.

** Substitute club soda for a flavored sparkling water – so many flavor combinations to enjoy.

And finally, if these are too labor intensive as you sit by the pool or bay. Go to your local store and pick up SOL’s new Loyal Lemonade canned cocktail. Refreshing stuff and locally made.


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