Over-the-Shoulder Record Breaker: Athena’s Cup to make the world’s biggest chain of bras

In a remarkable quest that began in 2009, Jennifer Jolicoeur and Athena’s Home Novelties have not only raised thousands of dollars in the fight against breast cancer, but through Athena’s Cup, are set to break a Guinness World Record while they were at it!  

Their goal, which they achieved, was to collect 200,000 bras so they can be linked together to make an enormous chain estimated to reach 108 miles in length (the previous record was 166,000 bras). This task will be done in honor of those who have battled breast cancer.  

It all came about in 2009. After being in meetings all day, Jennifer and her colleagues decided to relax together and have a bit of wine in their hotel room. One of the women took off her bra, understandably claiming it had been uncomfortable and was constantly digging into her. Soon, the other women also took off their bras and put them in a pile. After comparing and contrasting, the women decided whenever they were together they would ditch their bras.


A month passed by and there was another weekend of meetings with the women. Keeping true to their promise, off came the bras and they were placed in a pile. After kneeling by the pile, Jolicoeur asked, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we linked them all together to see how far it would stretch?” That was the moment that clicked and it was decided they would try to make the longest chain for breast cancer awareness. 

The ladies decided they would break the already existing Guinness record.  They started by asking friends and customers for unwanted bras, and it skyrocketed across the country since then.

They now have 1,000 boxes of bras waiting to be part of this massive chain.  “In 10 years women from all over America have sent in bras. Some with elaborate ornaments, some with inscriptions honoring women who have passed away,” says Jolicoeur. There are also many celebrities who’ve donated autographed bras to the cause. This includes the casts of Star Wars, “Star Trek” and “The Walking Dead.” Elvira, Hulk Hogan, Pee Wee Herman, Weird Al Yankovic and Rod Stewart have also donated autographed bras to the cause. More than 300 autographed bras will be auctioned off to raise even more money for the disease.  

“Now it’s time to see this dream come to fruition,” Jolicoeur says.   

After the hooking event, which takes place October 5 – 8, the bras in good condition will be donated to shelters. The ones in the worst shape will be recycled and made into carpet padding.  

If you would like to be part of history and help set a Guinness World Record while joining the fight against breast cancer, here is your chance!  Visit or or their Facebook page and let them know you are interested in being a hooker! The big event is being held at Rivers’ Edge Complex, Davison Street in Woonsocket. Available dates for bra hooking are October 5-8 and (Guinness judge is scheduled for the 8th), unhooking will be held October 8-10.