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Samantha Gaus

Samantha Gaus is a Providence-based actor, stage manager and all-around contributor to the RI theater community. Her blog can be read at

Fun Home: Wilbury’s expertly executed show leaves audiences in awe

Popular Broadway musicals have always classically been about fanfare, big spectacle numbers and broad smiles all around. While there is a place in the canon for the traditional shows of the past, newer shows have paved the way for depth of character, intimate stories and connecting with our emotions. Fun Home was originally a graphic […]

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CPTC’s Night Mother Provides an Intense Night of Theater

The reputation of Night Mother by Marsha Norman is that it is intense. When I casually chatted with several local frequent theatergoers about going to see the show, they responded with some form of, “Wow, what a show.” Without having much more than a brief plot summary, I wasn’t sure if that was a good “wow” or […]

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Struggle at Home: Watch on the Rhine explores conflicting political leanings within one household

Watch on the Rhine, written in 1941 by Lillian Hellman (and winner of the New York Drama Critic’ Circle Award in the same year) is a perfect combination of drama, old-fashioned comedy and historical storytelling. The audience is seated in an intimate and well-to-do living room. Pillows and blankets are in the seats so you […]

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