Feast Your Senses: Feast & Fettle delivers the goods

I am embarrassed to confess the amount of DoorDash Delivery I have ordered during the COVID-19 pandemic. From Thai food to turkey burgers, and even the occasional Applebee’s Riblet moment, the list is a long-running testament to late-night cravings during Netflix Big Mouth binges. But 2022 is the year I vow to #DoBetter, not only improve my diet by bringing in healthful and whole foods (sorry, Quesaritos, I’ll miss you too), but also shop small, stop supporting Big Pizza and start looking to my backyard for ways to up my culinary delivery game. Enter Feast and Fettle, who are saving the world, one delish prepared meal at a time.

Feast and Fettle is a subscription-based service where users can choose from a rotating menu of entrees and sides, which are then hand-delivered fresh to your doorstep. With several tantalizing options to choose from (I am weirdly excited for the Pistachio-Crusted Cod Fish), plus vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free accommodations, there is something for even the pickiest eaters. The small but mighty East Providence company  has seen a huge increase in business, especially after adding milk, bread and eggs to their menu during the onset of the pandemic.

Of course, it wasn’t always that way. Sarah MacDougall, Feast and Fettle’s longtime marketing chief, noted the impact of COVID-19 on their company and stated that many people utilized the delivery service when it was otherwise unsafe to venture out of the home to the grocery store. “It really brought us from Year 1 to Year 4 within a couple of months. We are grateful that a lot of these subscribers stayed on with us after restrictions loosened, and have become repeat customers even a year or two later.” 


Their dedication to quality is admirable, with staff working tirelessly to ensure the high standards for gastronomical excellence are met. “We have our own team of in-house delivery personnel,” MacDougall added. “Twenty delivery vans solely dedicated to bringing our product to Rhode Island and Massachusetts residents who deserve something good and homemade.” Indeed, Feast and Fettle’s baked ziti, which makes occasional celebrity appearances on the ever-changing menu, has such a cult following that the company still mails one out to a subscriber who no longer utilizes the service, but is a devoted lover of the carb-tastic goodness.

Where does MacDougall see the young company headed in the next five years? “We’re leasing out a second facility in Connecticut in 2022, which will serve CT and some of New York as well. In five years? Wouldn’t it be great to have a Feast and Fettle kitchen in every part of the country?”

Yes. Yes, it would.