Feed Your Need: RI has as many comic book shops as Batman has wonderful toys

For one glorious weekend each year, Comic Con graces our fair state with its presence. But what’s a despondent comic book nerd to do when the weekend’s over? Go local, of course. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of local comic shops where you can spend your weekends ’til Comic Con rolls around again.

Located in beautiful Newport, Annex Comics has an impressive selection of back issues to browse. Annex Comics opened its doors in 1984, making it one of the oldest shops in the state. It specializes in pulp fiction, graphic novels, figures and of course, comics new and old. Fighting against the digitalization of comics, owner Wayne Quackenbush is passionate about his work. Annex Comics, 308 Broadway, Newport. 401-245-2273

Opened in 2006, The Comic Doctor is known for its reasonable pricing and wide selection. The store that started out with the owner’s own collection has grown into one of the best places to find comics, and it also provides comic dry cleaning and pressing. One thing is for sure: It will be hard to leave this shop without a stack of new goodies in your arms. The Comic Doctor, 828 Atwood Ave, Cranston. 401-275-6400


Dark Star Comics is less than three years old, making it the youngest shop on our list. It is the definition of a neighborhood shop — the owner, Zack, was born and raised in the area. Along with comic books and figures, Dark Star Comics sells trading cards, posters and figures. They also host games, such as Magic: the Gathering, where you can meet fellow fans. Dark Star Comics, 1234 Broad St, Central Falls. 401-722-2131

Fantasy Zone Comics is a family-owned and operated business. After 20 years in operation, Fantasy Zone Comics has an extensive back issue collection and a staggering total collection of 50,000 comics. This gives them the ability put together entire sets, a truly unique offering. From graphic novels and comics to figures, the Fantasy Zone’s collection is nothing short of impressive. Fantasy Zone Comics, 7610 Post Rd, N. Kingstown. 401-294-6044

Located in Chepachet, Green Dragon Comic Shop is another newer store — it’s three years old. The shop offers back and new issue comics, and supports titles big and small. Along with comics, they also sell board games, RPGs and Magic: the Gathering cards. The owners strive to make it a place where customers can hang out, play games and talk about their passions. Whether placing a special order or simply guiding fans in the right direction, the Green Dragon family is happy to help. Green Dragon Comic Shop, 401 Putman Pike, Chepachet. 401-949-2076

Regan Hurst’s Rah-Coco Collectibles is a one-stop shop that’s been in PVD for 35 years. The shop has a well-rounded collection that includes new and old comics, action figures and even lithographs. Hurst also offers customers a subscription discount, making it easy for fans to keep up with favorite titles. Rah-Coco Collectibles, 152 W. Park St, PVD. 401-861-3221

The Time Capsule is famous for their The Simpsons window display. Though it’s only been open for part of his life, owner Rob has been into comics all his life, and has a vast knowledge to share. The Time Capsule proudly displays special editions on their Comic Wall and offer an indoor sidewalk sale shopping experience. Their product knowledge and diversity is one of the many reasons to visit the gang in Cranston. The Time Capsule, 537 Pontiac Ave, Cranston. 401-781-5017

Although they focus more on vintage toys, The Toy Vault is also home to a good selection of graphic novels and comics. The only franchise-like shop on our list, The Toy Vault has been around since the 1990s. Among their vast collection of toys new and old is a selection of both popular and indie titles, and they keep up to date with all of your favorite heroes. The Toy Vault, 400 Baldhill Rd, Warwick. 401-921-5466

In a time where everything has gone digital, these local shops prove that holding a physical comic book is still important to a lot of fans. And while what they sell is important, the fact that these stores are owned by knowledgeable fans is a huge draw for both casual readers and collectors alike.