Summer Music Festival Therapy


davidIt’s that time again — as the sun spends more time in the sky and the grass comes back to life, so does the world of music festivals. Magic happens in these places, which is apparent when you witness people congregating to celebrate the music they love and creating a bond through the appreciation they share. Life’s about having new experiences and a festival is a pretty easy one to check off the bucket list. Are you feeling a little lost lately? Maybe a festival is just what you need. There’s an opportunity almost every weekend in the summer, so embrace this amazing chance for music, light and love. You might elevate yourself to a new mindset.

Strangecreek in Greenfield, Mass., is the unofficial start of the festivals in New England. Thousands of people have caught on to this phenomenon over the past 12 years and their connection to this place is a strong one. People come from all around with smiles on their faces and proudly call it their home for four days. They set up camping villages in the woods with like-minded music lovers. Also known as Wormtown, the property has multiple stages with over 80 performers throughout the weekend and late night cabins with performances until the sun rises. An array of vendors sell unique clothing, artwork and jewelry. An eternal bonfire burns the duration of the weekend, keeping the music souls attending the festival warm and together. These are just a few elements that make this event special. Many parts of a festival are amazingly indescribable; you must pursue it yourself to learn more.


Festivals hold a unique energy that can help you find meaning in life. Because music is a natural antidepressant, these getaways are equivalent to a happiness retreat. They’re a form of paradise. When people have a few days to decompress and enjoy themselves, their attitudes and perspectives change. Something changes in us when we dance like no one is looking — being at a music festival lets your soul breathe. People express themselves in the most unique of ways. Festival goers wear wild costumes and adorn themselves with body paint, and you can see your friends’ inner personalities express themselves like never before. Many people enjoy this time so much that they skip sleep to embrace the entire experience. And here’s the funny thing: When people are truly happy they tend to be more open and giving. They loosen their judgments and predispositions. If you go, you may find yourself in the middle of a glorious field bonding with new friends in a blow up pool, while listening to the best music. You might even fall in love for the weekend.

Your amazing moment is out there if you’re willing to let go of what you know as yourself and grab onto the bond that music provides. For many of us it starts with Strangecreek, but it does not end there.  Let your soul open itself to something new and come to a music festival. I’ll be right there with you.