Water That Funk Tree

Think of a seed. Just a tiny brown sphere that’s seemingly lifeless, yet with the right conditions becomes a full grown life form. With the proper amount of light, water, nutrients and TLC it sprouts roots and pushes its limits, adopting its own unique intricacies. Its transformation is the perfect analogy for friendships, music and just about anything in life. Everything in our existence is going through a constant change. The great mystery of the universe has more to do with where we are going than where we came from. Music continues to morph and evolve like branches of a plant, into wide and ideal directions.
In recent years there has been an advancement of not so much a music genre, but more of a musical category. The One-Man-Band. Technology has improved on looping devices and allowed individual performers to become multi-instrumental monsters. Even though these wonderful looping toys have been around for decades,  progression in their ease of use and adaptability are allowing a single artist to truly express a full live band sound. Brian Moreau, affectionately nicknamed Resin Ed by friends and fans, is one such local performer who a few years ago embarked upon this musical frontier. His integration of vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keys layered together in a live music setting allows him to go in directions most cannot. Resin is like a composer making pieces of a puzzle drift seamlessly together. There’s nothing that can really compare to its antithetical delivery, which makes the song buildups catchy and unique. His well-formed lyrics and song progressions develop into a danceable dirty-funk sound. If music is a language between artists in a band, Resin Ed’s communication is an empowering message solely from him to his audience.
As his name implies, Resin Ed is a cannabis enthusiast. His love for ganja is evident throughout his performance and usually he chooses some classic pot covers for the crowd to bond over. It would seem the tempo of his shows naturally lends one to dancing and feeling irie.
When asked about his thoughts on marijuana, music and our culture, Resin had this to say:
“In 2016 we’re in an interesting time in our culture with music and marijuana. The majority of new popular music is being force-fed on the radio and is not pushing any boundaries, which results in a lack of substance. People are turning to much more organic open sources for finding their music, like the internet, or even music festivals where they get a smorgasbord of acts to choose from over a weekend.
“While our laws/political stance on pot in our country are out of date and incredibly intrusive to one’s own choice, states are now making their own choices for their people and turning their backs on these outdated federal laws by creating medical systems and straight legalization. It’s an exciting time for both music and marijuana because our choices are expanding big time. The more choices, the better the competition, the better the competition, the better the end products become. It seems to be happening in a truly organic way. I’m anticipating some serious boundaries being broken in both these fields. All the while the big hands (business) try to figure it out.”
I was there for the beginnings of the Resin Ed creation. He took intention and talent and created something to admire. I’m proud to say Resin is a best friend to me. I’ve seen our friendship, our individuality, his music and the scene itself change. As if all of it was once that little seed, and now we look upon an ever growing tree of music, life, love and experience. I think his story should encourage us all to move into new areas of creativity and branch out into uncharted territory. As Resin Ed’s song titles suggest, we should all “Let Our Freak Out” and get a little “Filthy Funky Fresh” to come “Full Circle.”
Join him on 4/20 at The Spot to celebrate the growth of all of life’s amazing trees, some danker than others.