HxC: Make Punk and Hardcore Great Again

If you thought that the Providence punk and hardcore scene wasn’t already brutal enough, well, you can expect to see an up-tick in aggressive and pissed-off jams produced in response to the recently elected Donald Trump. No villain, no matter how strong, frightening or tangerine-hued, can succeed for very long. At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself ever since Trump announced that he would be running for President of The United States of America. The amount of shit that this man allows to come out of his mouth is beyond comprehensible and acceptable. He is a bigot, a xenophobe and a misogynist. It hurts me to realize that millions of individuals with whom I share this country are exactly like him. If punk is good for anything, it’s good for smashing the corrupt capitalist society in which we live, it’s good for telling all individuals against equality to fuck right off, and it’s supremely good for preaching what’s on your mind. I’ve gathered a couple of songs by some local bands that speak against corrupt governments and political officials.


The Effort//Iconoclasm// “Born Again Presidency”

Drop Dead//Split w/Crossed Out// “New World Slaughter”

Downtown Boys//Full Communism// “Wave of History”


Upcoming Events

Nov 18: News Cafe — The Saddest Landscape, Field Trip, Agapé & Mind/Res

Nov 18: Machines With Magnets — Uniform, Timeghost, Finished, Trim

Nov 19: Fete — Deafheaven, Carcass, Interarma

Nov 26: Psychic Readings — Hurt Ensemble, Disavow, Bonefolder, High Command

Nov 30: Columbus Theater — Andrew W.K.