Got Beer?

Love is in the Beer

The feast of Saint Valentine has evolved over 1500 years into a romantic celebration. You are either celebrating with the one you love or you are binge watching stories on the Hallmark channel with a mouthful of chocolates you bought for yourself. That sugar high is temporary. Let’s go single readers! It’s time to fall in love!


Don’t you love it when a person of interest introduces themselves to you? Sure, there’s a sweetness in being shy, but I like a little assertiveness. Hello My Name Is Pivotal is made by Pivotal Brewing. Allow me to introduce you – this 8.5% ABV Imperial is a double dry hopped DIPA. It has a dank, grapefruit-rind aroma that follows through to the front end palate. The end sip leaves you with a sweet nectarine and apricot flavor that finishes with a hop bite. This will have you saying hello and nice to meet you, too!

I saw you there across the bar. We made eye contact. It was intense. I could see the perspiration on your hard core. I licked my lips trying to imagine what you tasted like. The anticipation of having you was overwhelming. There was a fire burning inside of me that could only be extinguished by you quenching my thirst. Once your orange haze was poured into my glass, I could smell tropical fruit and tangerines. One sip and I knew, as your smell followed through to my palate along with dominating piney hops and a flavor of tangerine rind that lingered: This is true love. The Promise from Long Live Beerworks is a beer that I vow to. You will also be saying, “I do,” too!

I just want to touch you and feel you in my hands. What is beneath your layers of aluminum? Is this love or lust? I met you at Vigilant Brewing in the cooler. You didn’t introduce yourself. As I brought you to my lips after my first pour I knew I needed more to get to know you. Is that Belgian yeast, white grapes, and cloves that I taste? Tart and almost wine-like, I appreciate your complexity and you are an extraordinary break from IPAs. I asked around to get your name, I even left my contact info. John Otero, the head brewer, told me your name was Vintage One Saison. Vintage, I have to be honest I generally go for much younger, but I will make an exception in this case.

There is so much I could say about a classic style. I was lucky to come across one that is dependable and delicious. Now, if we can only find those characteristics in a significant other, Valentine’s Day would be celebrated more often! EP American Pale Ale from Crook Point Brewing. I’ve had the opportunity to give my compliments to John Windle, Crook Point’s head brewer. Windle mentioned, “There are many styles I don’t particularly care for, and that’s okay. Not everyone likes every style. I kept circling back to the classic style American Pale Ale. Pales are now becoming hazy, too. At some point I asked myself, ‘Why doesn’t anyone make a classic pale ale anymore?’ Not entirely accurate but it sure feels that way sometimes.” This 6.2% ABV pint of happiness has citrus and floral notes on the nose. It is light with a perfect touch of bitterness from both Centennial and a local Cascade hop. It is the perfect beer for anyone in my opinion.

Photo courtesy of the author.

It would be really unfair not to mention you. I think about you and we are together every weekend. You’re dangerous and your pretty lacing would make anyone blush. You are my girl crush. I talk about you a lot. The Captain’s Daughter from Grey Sail Brewing has been a favorite of Motif readers; it’s won the award for favorite DIPA in the RI Drink Awards a few years in a row. You know what you are going to get when you decide to hang with her. She is the perfect balance of bitter and dry. The citrus aroma follows through to the palate which is taken over by a bitter bite. Poetically speaking, bites are love gestures, aren’t they? Don’t be fooled. This girl is strong with an 8.5% ABV. You won’t forget her. I know I can’t.

I need a hug sometimes. The skin to skin embrace that makes you feel loved. Some of the hugs I have received, I would have been better off embracing a cactus. At least I would have felt something. Thankfully, there’s beer that will cuddle you and make you feel like you don’t want to let go. Ragged Island Brewing’s DIPA called Liquid Hugs pours a hazy orange color. There are scents of citrus and orange peel. The taste is full of tropical fruit, sweet mango, and orange. This is evened off by a slight taste of tangerine rind. It is an easy drinking 8% ABV beer that will have you going back for more juicy embraces.

Instead of falling for the shallow interpretation of what Valentine’s Day should be, take control and pour one of these local pints of passion. Love is in the beer!