Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: New Moon – New Beginnings

Wednesday, February 10, 2016, with waxing Moon in Pisces and Venus rolling in the hay with Jupiter, we are not much concerned with the material world. We receive psychic impressions and sense intangible forces at work. In the night sky the Moon is a fingernail that will continue to expand until it reaches fullness on the 22nd. It may be tough getting through this hump day, especially if work and concentration is involved. This energy is good for the artist and the dreamer.  Practical matters take a back seat.

Early Thursday morning, Moon enters aggressive, action-oriented Aries. Waxing Moon in Aries is a great time to start an exercise routine. Aries Moon is great for starting something new. Be sure to think it through before you begin. Folks can be impulsive under this Moon. Friday night — date night — is perfect for a stroll under the moonlight or a night of dancing. Aries Moon craves action. So get out there and act already!

Saturday morning, Moon moves into the more stable sign of Taurus. Change is not on the agenda under a Taurus Moon. It is a fertile sign and whatever is begun under a waxing Moon in Taurus is sure to grow and last. Venus ruled Moon in Taurus is great for long-lasting romance. The danger here is if things go south, it is difficult to break up and break away. An evening out under a Taurus Moon carries with it the warning: When they turn the lights out, it’s time to go home. Taurus Moon doesn’t want it to end.

After sundown, Mercury reenters Aquarius and is soon at the point where it turned retrograde back in January.  Mercury then moves out of that “shadow” and activities and ideas put on hold now really begin to move forward.  Mercury in Aquarius gathers the news and shares it with friends. Exchanging ideas with like-minded and not so like-minded folks is the joy of Mercury in Aquarius. Around this time, Mars makes a positive connection with Jupiter. Mars is action and energy; with Jupiter it means a lot of whatever is on the table. Don’t take on more than you can handle and keep a close eye on your energy levels. This is “sit down before you fall down” time.
Sunday, with Moon in Taurus, is a kick-back day. In the wee hours of Monday, the First Quarter Moon occurs.  Quarter Moons create tension. The square between the Sun and Moon at this particular phase has Mars stirring up the action. Mars in Scorpio stirs up the muck from the bottom of the pot. In dynamic aspect to the Sun and Moon that muck is going to hit the fan. Remember to duck!

During the Monday morning commute, Moon enters Gemini. Gemini Moon rouses our curiosity and we begin to look around to see what going on outside our own little world. Tensions roused by the Quarter Moon can be discussed now. Gemini Moon loves to talk. Moon in an air sign brings a bit of detachment — more logic than emotion. Gemini Moon is great for starting the work week.  Multi-tasking becomes second nature to us all and the usual Monday morning clutter gets cleared up quickly. This light and airy energy spills over into Tuesday. The energy is great for brainstorming, solving puzzles and intellectual pursuits. The mind is quick and gets bored easily. Keep busy and survive the juggling energy of Gemini Moon.