[SPONSORED CONTENT] Hank’s for the Herbs: Local cultivator winning awards

Hank and his herbs.

Hank’s Herbs is a licensed cannabis cultivator in Rhode Island that has been providing premium cannabis products since its establishment in 2017. Similar to a micro-brewery, Hank’s values attention to detail, ensuring consistent quality in every cannabis product they produce. Their focus on consistency, cleanliness, and plant genetics impacts all of their cannabis strains. “Hank’s is dedicated to satisfying cannabis enthusiasts by offering only the freshest and top-shelf quality prerolls, glass tip blunts, infused prerolls/blunts, and vapes,” says founder Hank Ritchotte.

The journey of Hank’s Herbs began in 2013 when Ritchotte, a West Warwick native, became a Rhode Island medical marijuana patient and then a licensed caregiver. He learned the trade from his current director of cultivation and business partner, Nick Testa. Hank’s signature strain, Sour Kush (also known as Head Band), became available at reputable compassion centers in Rhode Island for medical patient sales. The introduction of Sour Kush to the Rhode Island cannabis scene propelled the growth of the Hank’s Herbs brand, which is now available at all seven dispensaries throughout the state, including Mother Earth Wellness, Slater Center, RISE Warwick, Solar Cannabis Co, Sweetspot, Aura of Rhode Island, and Green Leaf Compassion Center.

“Since becoming a licensed cultivator, our team takes pride in its flawless growing techniques and strong genetics,” says Ritchotte. “Our plants are grown in top-quality mediums, meticulously manicured daily, and harvested fresh on a weekly basis.” The team’s dedication to excellence in cultivation has earned them the distinction of being a four-time award-winning brand. Most recently, at the 2024 Cultivator Coastal Classic hosted by Mother Earth Wellness in Pawtucket, Hank’s Herbs received multiple accolades. They won first place for their signature Fuzzy Melon strain in the vape cartridge category, second place for their Sundae Brunch strain in the Indica flower category, and second place for their Fuzzy Melon strain in the preroll category. Last year, Hank’s Herbs celebrated their first award at the 2023 Cultivator Coastal Classic with second place in the sativa flower category for their Solomon Grundy strain.

Hank’s Herbs currently has ten different strains on a perpetual harvest schedule. Their flagship strain, Fuzzy Melon, is a cross between Forbidden Fruit x Watermelon Zkittlez. The fruity and tasteful aroma has long been a popular strain in Rhode Island. New up-and-coming strains such as Sundae Brunch, a cross between Sundae Diver x Mimosa, are quickly gaining popularity too!

One of the standout features of Hank’s Herbs is their expertise in prerolls. Their prerolls are known for their consistent burn, flavor, and long-lasting high. What sets Hank’s prerolls apart from the rest of the preroll market in Rhode Island is their use of whole flower buds. Unlike other brands, Hank’s does not presently sell cannabis flower as a standalone product. Instead, they utilize all of their whole flower to produce prerolls and hemp glass tip blunts. This ensures that their prerolls are made with the highest quality cannabis.

Additionally, Hank’s has recently expanded their product portfolio to include infused prerolls and blunts. These infused products are created using a machine that injects a stream of full spectrum cannabis oil into the center of the preroll or blunt. The result is a luxurious slow burn with a high THC percentage.

Hank’s team consists of all local Rhode Islanders such as Hank’s son Joseph Ritchotte, head of operations; Nick Testa, director of cultivation and partner; Richard Boudreau, preroll engineer; and Mike Depalo, associate grower.

If you’re looking for an all around premium cannabis experience from a Rhode Island owned craft cannabis cultivator, look no further than Hank’s!