Stop, Rock, and Roll

Lots of new music for the month that begins like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Some is ferocious, some is mellow, but all of it is good! Here are some picks:

Caitlyn Mitchell – “Pawn”
The debut single by Caitlyn Mitchell is a massive ballad. Atop a sea of strings and vocal harmonies, Mitchell’s voice evokes the rawest of emotions while sounding as clear as a bell. The lyrics are heart wrenching while never losing their sense of poetry, a hard balance to strike. Her theater influences are on full display here, as the song sounds as ready for a Broadway stage as it does for car speakers on a late night drive.

Breachway – “Big Red Pine”
This new song by Breachway evokes a feeling of Americana, something that has been increasingly common in the Rhode Island music scene. A reverb-soaked guitar moans in the background like a distant train whistle as the drumbeats fall upon the track like rain. The song feels weather-worn and honest, with the lyrics both melancholy and honest. The track hits a crescendo around halfway through, as the guitars become distorted and the drums and bass hammer the track like a determined blacksmith.


Namé – “Forgive and Forget”
Recently, Namé released their debut album, Changing, which features an intriguing blend of influences. The second track, “Forgive and Forget,” is a prime example of this, with the lead guitar lines echoing The Grateful Dead despite the track’s quick pace and punky chord progression. The guitars remain clean throughout the track, however, introducing a jangly element to the mix. Over all of this, the defiant vocals tie everything together with a nice bow.

Indelego – “Always (I’m Here)”
Alt-rock darlings Indelego are back with their first single in a year, and it could not be more different than their previous single “I Will be Your Ghost.” While that one opened with a mellow ukulele as the song built around it, this track kicks open the door with barre chords that jump all over the guitar as the drums and bass set the speed. The song is full of surprises from that point forward, as the mood immediately changes to something between jazz and math rock before settling into a sweeping chorus and going back to punk. There is something for everyone in this track.

Nova One – “You Were Right”
Nova One is back with a single that swings elegantly between dream pop and shoegaze. Vocals combined with a tremolo effect lead into guitar riffs that soar over dense layers of distorted guitars, deep bass, and thick drums. Just as soon as the storm starts, however, the song returns to airy synths and gossamer vocals. The song throws listeners for a curve right at the end, as the pace slows to a crawl and gives way to one of the fuzziest outros I’ve heard in a while.