Melanie Lynx is Perfectly Flawed

By Tyler Curry

In March the dimSocialite headed to Firehouse 13 to get the low-down on American Idol contestant and local singer, Melanie Lynx.
With a new music video coming out, DS caught up with her to get the skinny on the making of “Perfectly Flawed.”

American Idol finalist and independent pop recording artist, Melanie Lynx, reminds us why it is okay to make poor decisions in her second official video, “Perfectly Flawed.” Just a few days away from the premiere, “Perfectly Flawed” aims to inspire an inner confidence to the perfectionists of the world. Lynx took time off from her Naked Heart tour to chat with me about the meaning behind her newest single, and what it means to be perfectly flawed.


TC: Tell us what makes “Perfectly Flawed” different from the other songs on your EP, Naked Heart, and why we should stay tuned for the official video premiere.

ML: “Perfectly Flawed” is upbeat, as opposed to some of the other songs on Naked Heart. It embodies the sounds of the summertime – the electric guitar, for example. The video is really fun, too. It’s more mature and plays on a lot of the retro summertime trends you see in pictures and videos.

This song is meant for people who may be insecure… about anything. There are a lot of people who doubt themselves for not doing something perfectly. This song is supposed to tell you that, yes; it is okay to make mistakes, poor decisions and bad choices sometimes. We learn from those experiences. Experience is what makes us human. It’s what makes each of us so beautiful. You wouldn’t be who you are without it.

TC: Describe your experience from being on set at your first official video, “First Time” to your most recent, “Perfectly Flawed.”

ML: This time was a lot easier. I could pick up on the subtleties of how things worked. I felt much more comfortable under the light the second time. I feel like you can tell, too. In fact, some of my friends gave me similar feedback. Apparently I looked more natural in front of the camera this time around!

TC: Tell us about an instance when you embraced being perfectly flawed.

ML: I will always second-guess everything I write; but at some point you have to accept what your writing down and just own it. Continuously rewriting to perfection doesn’t accomplish much. The message behind “Perfectly Flawed” is about actually embracing your imperfections. When I write, it comes from personal experience. So, what you get is what you get.

TC: What is the hardest part about being Melanie Lynx. What is the most rewarding?

ML: Melanie Lynx is independent pop – which I know is ironic. From booking gigs to production, I do everything myself. Not going through a label is confusing and risky, but exciting and extremely worth it. I can stay true to my own voice.

The hardest part is when people tell me my music is too pop. It’s tough when the indie scene says you’re too main stream, and you are still trying to break into pop music genre. It’s never in vain, because it’s really awesome when people come to the live shows are surprised at how much it rocked!

I’ve had people thank me for getting them through a hard time, and that’s amazing to hear. It’s a really special feeling I can’t describe. No matter how rocky the road gets, I can’t stop. I would not be able to do anything else, so I’m here… now and forever.

Lynx will debut the official music video for her newest single, “Perfectly Flawed,” this Tuesday, July 30th on Facebook. You can also listen to her EP Naked Heart at or follow her on Twitter and Instagram for an inside look at life on the Naked Heart tour.