Passport to Nature


By Erin Kayata


There are three things you need when exploring the Audubon Caratunk Wildlife Refuge: bug spray, sunscreen, and a creative sense of direction. As part of the Rhode Island Audubon Society’s Passport to the Trails program, Motif hit the trail in order to find a hidden symbol. Whether it was the directions or a poor interpretation of them, it took several wrong turns, dead end loops, and a diversion from the directions to finally find the destination.

    The Rhode Island Audubon’s Society Passport to the Trails is a fun way for nature lovers to try something new. By downloading a passport from the RI Audubon Society’s website, visitors will receive maps and directions to a symbol hidden in the trail. If you can find the symbol in six out of ten Rhode Island Audubon Society Wildlife Refuges, you’ll receive a special prize.

With this nature comes an abundance of wildlife and plants. Unfortunately this also means mosquitoes. However, the payoff comes in the form of seeing butterflies and bees landing on wildflowers, or if you’re lucky, catching a white tailed deer bounding through a meadow.

 For more information on Passport to the Trails, go to : http://www.asri.org/newsflash/passport.html.