Melanie Lynx and Milk Bread: A Firehouse 13 Delicacy

By Tyler Curry


Good vibes and catchy tunes traveled throughout Firehouse 13 on Friday night, as featured artists Melanie Lynx and Milk Bread along with openers Safari and Rich Ferri rocked the stage.  Each band with it’s own unique sound, music appreciators could enjoy the powerful voice of Melanie Lynx or the soulful tunes of Milk Bread’s seven-man jazz band.


After indulging in a Firehouse 13 $1 pretzels from the bar (seriously), it was time to get back to business. I caught up with Melanie Lynx, Rhode Island native and former American Idol contestant, to gain some insight on her musical inspiration:

How does it feel to be back in your home state?

It feels amazing! The energy was great, too. This is the largest turnout we’ve had. It is a great feeling to be able to look around a room and see people who have supported you from the beginning and new faces from people who are equally as supportive.

Tell me about your time on American Idol?

Well, I auditioned two years ago and made it to the top 60 finalists. It was great! Steven Tyler took a liking to me because of my alternative sound. Altogether, American Idol was a great learning experience. It was that experience that pushed me to pursue my own music career, and here we are now – on tour!

 Where do you find inspiration?

Music was always something I really wanted to do, but what really inspires me is a combination of the people I am surrounded by, the places I go, and the life situations I experience. Another inspiration is the support of my parents. They come from a completely non-musical background, but have been fully supportive and that really is amazing.


Lynx is a graduating senior at Berklee College of Music, and has embarked on a Northeastern tour for her newest album, “Naked Heart.” Her sound is a mix of Katy Perry and Jessie J – which explained Lynx’s suiting cover.

For the rest of the night, the audience jammed out to Milk Bread as they performed singles from their first full-length album, currently on a funding campaign for distribution. The band provided free copies of the album, alongside other merchandise. In fact, Milk Bread encouraged the audience to take a free copy, declaring, “Good music should be free!”

The energy of the audience, the intimate venue, and the eclectic musical acts produced a highly enjoyable event. Check out more about artists Melanie Lynx and Milk Bread  for more information on upcoming projects and dates. For more information about Firehouse 13 events, check out the their website here.



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