2022 Bartender Awards Winners

On August 1st at R1 Indoor Karting, over 100 bartenders gathered to celebrate the art of the pour. And the shake. And the making of drinks. MCs Bettysioux Tailor and Paul Garcia and presenters Thea Engst, Tammy Laforest, Mike Delehanty and Crimson Al-Khemia handed out a select number of awards amid flying aerialists, belly-dancing drum troupers and giant extraterrestrial puppets. Here is a list of the winners.

Check out the full gallery of photos from the Bartenders’ Ball.

Fancy Cocktail Bartender

Winner: Rebecca White
Runner-up: Danielle Lasky


Brewery / Tasting Room Bartender

Winner: Mandy Holt
Runner-up: Kolby Goryl

Ronin Bartender

Winner: Neda Khan
Runner-up: Max Prussner

Bartender in Unexpected Locations

Winner: Danielle Tellier
Runner-up: Tyler Williams

New Bartender

Winner: Emma Lundquist
Runner-up: Kyara Vargas

Bartender as Therapist

Winner: Neda Khan
Runner-up: Tyler Williams

Best Multitasker

Winner: Danielle Tellier
Runner-up: Ryan

Local Icon

Winner: Aimee La Rose
Runner-up: Mike Kelly

Sassiest Bartender

Winner: Samm Marble
Runner-up: Wayne Gonsalves

Funniest Bartender

Winner: Tyler Williams
Runner-up: Neda Khan

Social Media Account

Winner: Danielle Tellier
Runner-up: Tyler Williams

Best Beard

Winner: Mike Kelly
Runner-up: Finley

Best Hair

Winner: Jackie Pires
Runner-up: Mandy Holt

Dive Bar

Winner: Scurvy Dog
Runner-up: Nic-a-Nees

Spot for Fancy Drinks

Winner: The Eddy
Runner-up: The Royal Bobcat

Overall Watering Hole

Winner: Lucky Enough
Runner-up: Dusk


Winner: Hamid Akinfolarin
Runner-up: Mike Rigney

Singing Bartender

Winner: Amanda Salemi
Runner-up: Max Prussner

Overall Favorite Bartender

Winner: Danielle Tellier

Favorite Bartender, 2nd Place

Winner: Nada Khan
Runners-up: Max Prussner, Tyler Williams

Live Competition Awards

Wining Down Speed Pour

First Place: Dominique Laren
Second Place: Kyara Vargas
Third Place: Bill Laliberty

Shake That Fizz

First Place: Max Prussner
Second Place: Aline Fraga
Third Place: Dave Sasquatch

Guinness Perfect Pint

First Place: Dave Sasquatch
Second Place: Steve Sharp

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