A Correction

In “Trolling RI Pols: Bullying public officials for doing the right thing” by Tom Sgouros, Oct 6, 2021, we made a number of errors. In both the print and web versions of the article, we incorrectly stated that the Gaspee Project, who posted criticism of North Kingstown School Committee member Jennifer Lima, was “associated with the RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity.” In fact, these are two completely separate organizations despite ideological similarities.

In the print version of the article that appeared on page 8 of the Oct 2021 issue, we incorrectly stated “The Center for Prosperity and Freedom did not respond to requests for comment in time for this edition.” First, we incorrectly stated the name of the organization; it is correctly the RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity. Second, we reached out to the Gaspee Project for comment and it was they who did not comment. We also reached out to the Center for Freedom and Prosperity in an effort to solicit comment from the Gaspee Project and they responded, but we did not ask them for substantive comment on the Jennifer Lima matter because it was the Gaspee Project, not the Center for Freedom and Prosperity, who raised it.

Motif regrets these errors.