Album Of The Week:  Screaming Females’ Rose Mountain

screamingRising from the basements of New Brunswick, NJ, to become one of the best punk rock acts in the independent music realm, Screaming Females have a knack for ripping it up with stunning guitar skills from frontwoman Marissa Paternoster, and captivating rhythms from bassist “King” Mike Abbate and drummer Jarrett Dougherty. Blowing away eardrums everywhere with their sixth studio album, Rose Mountain, this power trio keeps it real with their trademark edge, but there’s also a pop aesthetic on each track. Dare I say it, this new release is ideal for your next rock ‘n’ roll dance party.

With an incredibly raw sound, Rose Mountain will electrify you when you press play. Never afraid of being loud and in your face, Paternoster’s riffs are the first things that’ll reach out to you on track after track. With lovely distortions and a voice that echoes the essence of Patti Smith, if Paternoster’s singing doesn’t make your eyes jump out of your head and send chills through your body, then I suggest you seek therapy.

With all the  craziness and pandemonium that came with it, aren’t you glad the month of February is almost over? Get celebratory with the top tracks off of my Album Of The Week.

A headbangin’ masterpiece, “Ripe” will turn you into a human tornado at first listen. Badass guitar tones from Paternoster really make this track a rhythmic scorcher. Thunderous in so many ways, “Broken Neck” showcases the sheer power of Screaming Females. Another one of those riffmasters, “Triumph” is a killer rock ‘n’ roll anthem that has amazing bass lines from Abbate.

If you’re in the New England area, you have three chances to check out the awesomeness that is Screaming Females in a live setting over the next few months. They’ll be at Great Scott in Allston, Mass., on Feb 26, The Columbus Theatre in PVD on April 5 and the following night they’ll be at The Firehouse in Worcester, Mass. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this trio from New Jersey a few times, and I guarantee that it’s a must for you to see Screaming Females when they come through your friendly neighborhood music venue. While you’re at it, grab a copy of Rose Mountain. It’s a rocker for sure, and your rock ‘n’ roll ails have now found a cure.