Tiny Diamond Returns, News Café, Mar 30

Tiny Diamond (Photo: Scott Pacheco)
Tiny Diamond
(Photo: Scott Pacheco)

Last year, 2017, was busy for Providence alternative rock trio Tiny Diamond. Multi-instrumentalists Mia Dady, Piera Leone and Jess Texieira released the band’s second EP Light Codes on Jun 9 and Leone also became a mother for the first time on Aug 27. Due to Leone’s parental obligations, they took some time off for a few months while the Ocean State’s music scene missed their presence. Thankfully, they’ll be returning to the stage at the News Café in Pawtucket on Mar 30. It promises to be a much-anticipated return for a band that has a unique approach and style.

Their most recent EP shows a different tone from the band’s self-titled debut that came out in Apr 2016. It’s a primary example of an act’s artistic evolution while also sticking to their roots. Varied musical dimensions are heard in a stunning array of songs.

“We went with Mikey Bullister and he recorded us at Newcastle Sound in Barrington,” Leone says on the making of the EP. “We had the ideas for everything and we had a big say in the mixing and the mastering.” Dady adds, “He had great ideas in the studio too. He would want to add extra guitar tracks, which was something that we weren’t really used to. He had a lot of great input.” Leone continued, “We decided that the three of us wanted to contribute two songs each of us had written. Then we kind of picked them from there, but we didn’t really have an idea of a theme.”


“Musically, I’m headed in a more of a rockin’ kind of direction versus when I was starting out as kind of a folk musician,” Dady said of the evolving of the Tiny Diamond’s music. “I’m trying to add more distortion and more effects to my guitar while slowly getting louder. I think the other songs that were written picked up on that vibe and rolled along.”

The experience in the studio also contributed to Dady, Leone and Texieira trying new things out. “Having the ability to do multi-track recording and being able to know that I can play bass in one song and switch with Jess to drums on another was greatly beneficial,” Leone pointed out. “Last time we recorded, we recorded once live and this time we layered it and it felt more complete.”

With the band’s return to performing live, they also have goals to reach in the future. Leone said, “We have enough songs to have a full-length album.” Dady said “It mostly comes down to money” of the realistic hurdles that lie ahead, “We want to get out on the road eventually.” Leone said of the past few months, “We had a little tour last year and that was really fun, we got to play two shows in New York and Connecticut and that was really great.”

As March nears its end, Tiny Diamond will be embarking on a new beginning. Head to the heart of downtown Pawtucket to see the new elements Dady, Texieira and Leone are bringing to their band’s already interesting sound.

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