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Christopher Allen

One Day at a Time: Substance use spikes as the pandemic wears on

For those suffering from substance-use disorders, staying sober is a marathon. The last year was a perfect storm of external assaults on everyone to one degree or another. The traditional roadblocks to overcoming addiction — economic insecurity, inadequate healthcare, lack of emotional connection and the troubles of social isolation — all were exacerbated by COVID-19 […]

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Court TV: Senate confirms Lynch Prata, Long for high court

The most recent meeting of the state Senate, with pols sitting in auditorium chairs using iPads to cast their votes, looked more like a university debate club than a session in the storied Smith Hill chamber. After a five-month pause, legislators met offsite to allow adequate separation. The Senate convened in Rhode Island College’s Sapinsley […]

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Mind the Gap: Inching toward judicial equality

While expected by political observers, the announcement that the General Assembly had finally confirmed the Rhode Island Supreme Court’s first non-white associate justice – and the first Asian American Superior Court judge, and the first Latina to the Family Court – might have come as a surprise to many, given the state’s overall racial diversity […]

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