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Lou Papineau

Got Beer? April Shower May Bring Beer! New brews and events to celebrate spring

A coupla months back, we shared the scoop re Community Bruin, Rhode Island’s newest brewery, which is now open in West Greenwich (74 Nooseneck Hill Rd). Carl Mattson boasts that his operation is “the smallest nano-brewery in the smallest state in the US,” with a half-barrel setup. His initial offerings have included Chamomile Blonde, a pilsner […]

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Got Beer? Three Cheers for Beers!: New beers are popping up like spring flowers

The 401 beer world is fermenting with activity! Here’s the latest news on our ambitious purveyors of your favorite brew: On April 5, Long Live Beerworks cut the metaphorical ribbon at their splendiferous new location at 40R Sprague St in PVD. The spacious mill space has been transformed into a beer lover’s palace, with two […]

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Got Beer? Spring Beahs A’Bloomin’: And the pros keep a’brewin’

The clocks spring ahead on March 10, and in this edition of “Got Beer?,” we’re springing ahead to guide you to some of the season’s notable gatherings, plus some more immediate pleasures. The 8th Annual Newport Craft Beer Festival presents its VIB (Very Important Beer) session on April 26 from 8 – 10pm at Newport Craft Brewing […]

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Respect Yr Elders! Don’t forget the classics that paved the way for the craft beer revolution

In January, noted beer scribe Stephen Beaumont suggested that the craft beer world should celebrate venerable, and increasingly taken-for-granted, legacy beers. He tweeted: “Flagship beers are down in sales across the board because drinkers get bored. In the spirit of alliteration, how about we make next month Flagship February!?! The focus would be on drinking […]

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Show-Down Slow-Down: The government shutdown ripple effect reaches Rhody beer

Beer is a many-splendored and (responsibly) intoxicating thing, but navigating the beer business is a sobering experience. The beer/wine/distilled spirits industry is controlled by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), which was established in 2003 when it was separated from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The TTB issues permits to […]

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Auld Lang Syne: The year in Rhody beer

The time, it flew! The beers, they flowed!! The Rhode Island brewery scene, it kept a-growing!!! It was a massive year for new 401 beermakers, with six additions to the thriving craft-or-whatever-you-wanna-call-it community: Providence Brewing Company (in North Providence in May), Taproot Brewing Company (Middletown, June),  Beer On Earth (North Kingstown, July), Apponaug Brewing Company […]

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Drink Beer, Do Good: Help out California wildfire victims and then pick up some suds-soaked gifts

The last time we met in this space, we shared the reasons to be thankful from 401 beermakers. In this Holiday Gift Guide, we’ve collected a few suggestions for 401 beer-related gifts, which will engender waves of thanks from your beloved giftees – and we have some beer news for youse, natch. But let’s start […]

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Beer with Gr-attitude: 401 brewers give thanks to the 401 beer community

Local beer lovers have an abundance of thanks to give, as they revel in the splendor of our ever-expanding brewery scene and thriving suds culture. In the spirit of the celebratory season, we asked 401 beermakers to share their reasons to be cheerful (and a few newsy tidbits). Let’s start in South Kingstown at Whalers […]

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