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Q&A with Tony Jones: “Rhode Island is in a fiscal crisis and we must start somewhere to get things on track.”

2014’s Rhode Island elections are drawing near, and one candidate for the lieutenant governor’s office is looking to eliminate it altogether. Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party Rhode Island and radio show host Tony Jones seeks election to the office – only to dismantle it – and would do this without taking salary or staff. […]

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Worldwide Movie Culture Returns At This Year’s Rhode Island International Film Festival

Entering its 18th year since its founding by George T. Marshall, the founder of the Flicker Arts Collaborate, RIIFF has become a focal point of international films by everyone from up-and-coming filmmakers to highly seasoned actors and directors. Between August 5 and 10 this year, roughly 270 films will be shown including Flavio Alves’ Tom In America, Marcelo Mitnik’s En las nubes (In the […]

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Providence Prohibition Party Brings Entertainment and Raises Awareness

Providence’s first ever official hemp festival was held on July 12 at Simon’s 667, hosted by Mike Liberty and Dave Death. Called the Providence Prohibition Party, the event drew a fun-loving and diverse crowd throughout its course, which spanned from early afternoon to the wee hours of the morning, transitioning from local indie and rock […]

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