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Nicole LaBresh

Stadium’s Sister Act Is a Fun Night of Theater

The Stadium Theatre’s production of Sister Act may not take you to heaven (especially considering some of the devilish humor you’ll find yourself laughing at), but it does make for a fun night of theater, featuring a wildly talented and enthusiastic cast. Based on the 1992 Whoopi Goldberg-led film, this stage adaptation features some notable […]

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Next to Normal Handles Mental Illness with Grace and Humor

At one point in the first act of Next to Normal, one character poses the question “Who’s crazy?” Though it seems straightforward enough, this questions ends up proving much more complex than it initially appears. Is it really the mother mourning her son who died in infancy by wondering what he might have become? Or […]

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Arctic’s Red Hot Lovers Showcases Brilliant Acting and Direction

In the first five minutes of Last of the Red Hot Lovers, we learn just about everything we need to know about the main character without a word of dialogue, as he bumbles around his mother’s apartment, obsessively trying to odor-neutralize his fingers, blanching at the taste of scotch and anxiously preparing for his coming […]

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