Bumper Cars Bumping Downtown

Ready for some carnival-style fun this summer? You’re in luck! The popular ice bumper cars that graced the Alex and Ani City Center this winter will transform into traditional bumper cars this summer, and it’s definitely something to get excited about. We spoke with John Rotatori, the general manager from Alex and Ani Center about the opening night of bumper cars. “It was well attended and went extremely well. It was hard to get a sense of how the entire season will go at this point, but we were really happy with how everything went.”

bumperThe bumper cars were introduced to the rink in an effort to bring in more tourism to the Kennedy Center Plaza and to reestablish it as a port of business and transportation. The attraction is only the third that has opened in the US, and is a first for New England. Providence owns 16 bumper cars, courtesy of Ice Bumper Cars International, which is located in Steamboat Springs, Colo.

While they ride, bumpers will be able to take in the beautiful landscape of downtown Providence, and a large soccer ball will be added to the rink this summer so riders can play bumper car soccer.


With places like Rocky Point long gone, offerings like this are sure to bring a spark of nostalgia for the grown-up crowd and create summer memories for the younger generation. So bring the family or the after-work crowd for some old-fashioned, tension-releasing crash-into-your-loved-ones fun. It’s cheaper than therapy and way less cringey than a session with HR. 

Located at Two Kennedy Plaza, the bumper cars will be open Wed through Sun, 4 – 10pm, dependent on weather conditions. Walk-ups can be accommodated, but reservations are recommended. Tickets are available at the ticket office for a specific timeframe, and allow for a 20-minute ride.