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Everyone Is Not a Critic

My colleague Kevin Broccoli recently pronounced theater criticism dead: “You’re better off hiring 50 20-year-olds to talk about your show on social media than you are cozying up to a Motif contributor on opening night.” (“Let’s Talk About Critics,” Jan 10). He cites “an army of straight, white, male critics” whose perspective makes them less […]

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Keep Art a Communication of Love by Keeping Government Out of It

Human beings are driven to express themselves, and we are naturally uplifted by a sense of having done something, having accomplished something. Ultimately, communication is an act of love, and accomplishment is an act of affirming one’s existence. Combined, that is art — affirming one’s capacity for love — and people always have and always […]

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In Their Own Words: Cannabis

We received verbatim responses from two leading proponents and two leading opponents of cannabis taxation and regulation. We have not censored their responses or fact-checked their claims — we just want you to know what they’re thinking. The opinions here, obviously, do not reflect the opinions of Motif. Mike Cerullo Peter Kilmartin Scott Slater Andrew […]

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Call A Christmas Tree A Christmas Tree, A Menorah A Menorah And Move On Already!

In honor of the season of giving, I have been asked to write the progressive point of view of the second annual showdown between the Holiday Tree and the Christmas Tree. Before delving into the extremely high-stakes debate over what label is given to the conifer in question, let me first say how preposterous I […]

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