Jonathan Jacobs

If You See Something, Say Something: Our writer has something to get off his chest

Last place aversion is the heuristic bias in which people support measures that ensure they don’t fall to last place, even if that means acting against the greater good and their own best interests. It happens when uncomfortable is confused with unsafe. Americans’ growing inability to differentiate between real danger and discomfort is an invasive cancer […]

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Trinity Rep’s Othello Trudges Off Course

Trinity Rep’s Othello aims at being a bold, contemporary production. Yet director Whitney White misses the target, and instead the play strolls into the minefield laid by the unforgiving challenges of Shakespeare’s text. Staged with a minimalist, modern, military look and feel, Trinity’s Othello seems to forget its mission, instead becoming bogged down in a […]

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FirstWorks Puts 2016-17 Season In Gear with Pedal Punk

If Cirque Mechanics’ Pedal Punk is indicative of what FirstWorks has in store for audiences with their 2016-17 Artistic Icons Series, then we should all be marking our calendars with indelible ink. Okay. So, paper calendars and ink are largely metaphoric, with the millennial wave washing clear the sands of time, and replacing the crude […]

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Fascinating Emotional Voyeurism in 2nd Story’s Frankie and Johnny

As the lights fade in on 2nd Story Theatre’s production of Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune, we are voyeuristically introduced to the play’s only two characters in a dimly lit scene of uncomfortable intimacy. At that moment, they connect in the moaning throes of romantic entanglement. After that, rarely do they harmonize […]

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Do Your Homework: Representative Democracy Depends on You

    Democracy is not about freedom, but accountability. We elect individuals we trust to hear our collective concerns and address matters with thoughtful deliberation and sound judgement. When those for whom we cast our ballots stray from the better angels of our greater society or fail to perform their duties with competence, we the […]

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