Local Author’s “The Changing Season” Coming Feb 16

The-Changing-Season-413x620Local author Steven Manchester is known for being a prolific, heartfelt author who also wrote and directed his first play last year, which I also covered for Motif.

His latest work, The Changing Season is due out on February 16, 2016. I was fortunate enough to get an advance copy of his work, and although a full review is in the works, an advance review follows.

Manchester artfully uses a number of veteran novelist tactics in The Changing Season to keep the reader enticed, most notable being an early dalliance with foreshadowing. The story itself is grand — something frequent in Manchester’s work — in its common, optimistic, hopeful and loving perspective on human life. The story will be all too familiar to any high school grad, particularly recent ones who can relate to the main character’s frustrations with not having a solid direction. The Changing Season is a statement about hapless youth, but also a pointedly modern predicament.

The Changing Season