Monday, August 15 from 6-9pm at R1 Indoor Karting, 100 Higginson Ave, Lincoln, RI 02865
Yes, there will be food trucks!

If you’re looking for info about the Bartender Awards on August 1, Google may have dropped you here, but it’s a separate event. More about that here…

Our Beer & Spirits Awards are still new — 2021 was their first year. We asked our eats & drinks writers, and the planners of most local beer fests and the bartenders at a number of local craft-focused pubs, but the biggest contributors to these nominations were the brewers themselves. We asked each brewery to let us know their three favorites, and if they felt like it, three favorites from among the work of other locals. Amazingly, brewers were at least as likely to recommend others as to tout their own stuff. The sense of community and respect for other brewers was really remarkable, and it was clear that for most in this local industry, the shared love of great beer or spirits forged a bond stronger than any competition.

After we got all those nomination, we did a whole bunch of math, conferred with our writers, and you can see the results here. And yes, every place makes IPAs, so we let that category fill to the brim. If you were a nominator and don’t see something you sent in, we apologize – they couldn’t all get in.

This year, we’re following the same basic formula, and we’re looking for nominations again. If you’re a brewer, distributor or buyer, please send your nominations to publisher@motifri.com

These events are celebrations of crowd-pleasing art forms. Once the ballot is up — in early July — please vote! Take a look around at the other nominated goodies – maybe find inspiration for your next sampling night or meal.

Pick your favorites, please, but the emphasis isn’t on who wins, it’s on recognizing how much amazing food and drink is being produced right here in our own backyard.