Letter to the Editor: The Cost of Health Care

To the Editor,
On Sunday, March 18, the business section of The Providence Journal printed an AP article, “Bids to curb health-care costs falter.”

The article goes on about the machinations in Congress about fixing or destroying the Affordable Care Act, but the article misses the real point. No one in Congress wants the price of health care to go down. Congresscritters, like all politicians, think the growth of the medical industrial complex is good for the economy, and have never considered that if you use the medical industrial complex to grow the economy, the price of health care has to go up faster than the wages of nearly everyone who does not work in health care. Tinkering with the ACA, or eliminating, will not make health care affordable or accessible. It is only when we stop using it as a tool to grow the economy that it will be affordable.

Greg Gerritt