Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: February 1 to 15, 2024

Aries: While busy
 making plans
 for your future,
 you continue to
 make new connections
 and gain new ideas from
 your circle of friends and
 acquaintances. You’re very
 much in the public eye these
 days and get some mixed
 reviews. Generally, the
 outlook is good as you move
 along your path in life. New
 ideas and new friends keep
 you going. 

Taurus: A directional shift is taking place as your focus continues to change. You are constantly being bombarded with unexpected disruptions that often force you to alter your opinions about what you thought was tried and true. You are learning to roll with the punches. This is good for you as you sometimes need a shock to jolt you out of a rut.

Gemini: You continue to operate under that “New Year” momentum formulating big ideas to take you into the future. Some deep and serious conversations take place. While not necessarily contentious, they do create some unease within you. You adjust and open yourself to what the big, wide world has to offer. Mental agility helps you move along.

Cancer: Some relationships run smoothly while others continue down a bumpy road. They all involve you in some deep soul searching about what you need and want in and from those around you. Some new and unusual friends provide you with a breath of fresh air and some new thoughts about friendship and companions.

Leo: New relationships and revamping old ones involve you in some deep, heavy conversations. The air needs to be cleared and your preferences need to be made clear. Working relationships are a mixed bag of pleasant cooperative efforts and some belligerent folks who can’t seem to get along with anyone. Keep your cool and state your case.

Virgo: Clearing out the clutter, organizing work space, and clear conversation keep you busy and fill you with new ideas for the future. This does not mean that you are all work and no play. You manage to do some of your favorite leisure time activities with congenial friends and family. Someone may want to get serious but you are not clear about who they really are.

Libra: The things and people you love provide you with fun times and joyful moments. These relationships may not be the most serious or committed but they do provide you with the relaxation and activities that feed your soul. Working relationships are satisfactory but you need color and liveliness in your life. You got it!

Scorpio: You stick close to home these days enjoying friends, family, and professional relationships. Conversations, creative endeavors, and fun people and activities brighten your days and shift you out
of those winter doldrums. Some childhood issues emerge that need to be discussed. Getting things
out in the open air is often the cure.

Sagittarius: You keep a hectic pace juggling your time skillfully between work and play. Both aspects of your life are equally important. There’s lots of conversation going on with you exchanging ideas and sharing information. Some new technology or equipment makes life easier but may present a bit of
a challenge. No problem, you’ll figure it out.

Capricorn: You take stock of your finances as well as your friendships and assorted relationships. You fluctuate between being proactive and being simply receptive to what is offered. You are learning to balance those two modes of being. You engage in some of your favorite pastimes with some of your favorite people. Enjoy!

Aquarius: The New Moon in Aquarius puts you in the spotlight. This is a yearly event and is like your personal new moon. This is the time to plant some seeds. You’re ready to expand your viewpoints and your life. You are looking for something different. What that “difference” is remains to be seen, but you are on the lookout.

Pisces: While you may wish to quietly meditate and dig into the mystical world, the real world continues to intrude. There is a way to devote time to both aspects of life. Friends provide useful advice on how to keep your life in balance. While practical matters do intrude, you use that mystical aspect of yourself to create practical solutions to everyday problems.