Summer in the Stars

Summer in the Stars

Photo by Akin Cakiner.

The season changes on June 20, 2024 when the Sun moves into Tropical Cancer. The horoscope for that moment offers clues to how the season will unfold. The emphasis this season is on our financial relationships with others. This could include some shared resources but also encompasses things like interest rates, loans, taxes and inflation. On the collective level, this includes foreign investments, debts owed by the nation, and economic leverage. The eighth house emphasis in this chart speaks to the death rate and perhaps a state funeral. The weather will be wet and freaky, sudden downpours and lightning storms. Keep your umbrella handy.

The day after the Summer Solstice the Full Moon in Capricorn occurs, kicking the season off with a bit of a bang. Human rights and health issues flash across our radar possibly with some terrorist activities. Charitable institutions step up to the plate where needed. On a personal level it is a good time to organize your space and listen to what that inner voice is telling you. Don’t ignore it.

The New Moon in Cancer on July 5 provides the perfect backdrop to celebrate our independence, waving the flag and beating the drum. This New Moon places emphasis on marriage, divorce, and all relationships. Don’t let emotions get the best of you. Finances can place stress on the best of relationships. Take a deep breath and open yourself to logic when dealing with these issues.

On July 15, tough guy Mars connects with Uranus. When it comes to stirring up trouble, these two go hand in hand. Violent upheavals, whether natural or manmade, will include strikes, demonstrations, and all things crazy and unexpected. The energy is strongest leading up to this date then begins to taper off as Mars, the faster planet, pulls ahead and away.

The stressful start of the season continues up to the Full Moon on July 21. This Full Moon falls on the 29th degree of Capricorn opposing the Sun at the same degree in Cancer. Traditionally, the 29th degree of any sign is a critical degree, considered a degree of fate or of Karma. It does not usually bring sunshine and flowers. The 29th degree has got some bad “juju” attached to it. To add to the stress level, this Full Moon connects with Pluto, Mars, and Neptune. When these heavies are involved, things could get ugly. Pluto eliminates, disintegrates and transforms. Mars, the warrior, can bring fires and explosions. Neptune, while having a connection to human rights, can also bring assorted natural disasters. In the lead up from the New Moon to the Full Moon expect some heat — weather wise, as well as financially, politically, and socially.

Things won’t be cooling down in August. The New Moon on August 4 sets the tone with Mercury poised to go retrograde for the month. With Mercury retrograde expect miscommunication, mixed messages, and missed appointments. It pays to be flexible and ready to alter one’s plans due to the unexpected. As the Moon waxes, reaching the First Quarter stage on the twelfth, Mars mixes it up with Jupiter and Saturn. With political and personal unrest, market fluctuation, and challenge to the status quo, Mars kicks off and stirs up a lot of issues that have lain dormant.

At the Full Moon on August 19, a major phase in the twenty year Jupiter/Saturn cycle occurs. This cycle maps out societal trends and changes. Jupiter expands, while Saturn contracts. At this time, they are in a stressful aspect and reconciling those impulses is not on the horizon. Social unrest, change, financial stress, and political fall out are all on the agenda. On a personal basis, relationships and legal issues surface. You’ll know who your enemy is.

At the New Moon on September 4, the energy shifts into the Virgo mode. And Mars, never one to rest, squares off with Neptune, creating more stress and unpleasantness. Mercury is now direct, bringing clear information and new ideas to the forefront. Venus, at home in Libra, urges us to be pleasant, socialize, and maintain an even keel. Engage with one another, that is Venus’ rallying cry. It is also a good time to spiff up your wardrobe and decorate your personal space.

The season draws to a close with a Lunar Eclipse on September 17. With Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces, it’s a tug of war between the logical and the mystical. Both have a place in our world and there does not need to be discord but when in opposition, the stress begins to show. Mercury in Virgo ensures that information will be accurate although we may find ourselves bogged down in detail. Venus is still the boss in Libra and she urges us to make and keep those social connections.

The summer will be marked by upheaval, discord, and eye-opening events. Consider these stressful events as growing pains with a positive outcome on the other side. Growth can be painful, but it is always worth it. Maintain personal and social contacts and bounce your ideas and feelings off of those you know and trust. Avoid getting pulled into someone else’s drama. Your own personal drama should be enough.