Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: May 15 – 31

Aries: Your ruler, Mars, in your sign brings extra energy and drive to your door. Use this energy wisely. You work on the things that matter to you the most. You are uncovering some hidden preferences you were not aware of. At month’s end, things pick up around the neighborhood and you begin to have some interesting conversations.

Taurus: Lots of action and conversation in your life during this period. You feel the need to get some things off your chest. You’re quite pleasant about it, even dealing with the unpleasant stuff. New ideas pop up on a regular basis. You may not know where this is all heading at the moment but continue on your journey. You will soon get clear.

Gemini: Much goes on behind the scenes. This is not your usual mode of action. Normally you are quite out and up-front. It is not that you are hiding things, it is simply the fact that you need to get clear in your thoughts and feelings before you voice them to all and sundry. You seek information on a deeper level. Month’s end brings clarity.

Cancer: Friends, colleagues, and connections of all sorts make your life interesting during this period. It is a great time to network and socialize. These folks spark your imagination and help you to cultivate new ideas and new methods of streamlining your daily life and routine. Someone gets aggressive and needs to be put in their place. Diplomacy needed.

Leo: You bubble over with creative energy. You use all this creativity to improve your social standing. This could involve work and career as well as those with whom you share common interests. This can be a fun time for you but you do not neglect your duties and obligations. You use that creative energy for the practical as well as the frivolous. Enjoy!

Virgo: At times, some relationships are strained. Folks are either too vague or they give you the feeling they want to control you. Neither of those conditions makes you happy. You are studying, learning, and getting a handle on the big picture and don’t have time for any of that nonsense. Some conversations need to take place in order to clear the air.

Libra: Serious conversations and exchanging of ideas take place throughout the month. You are digging deep into the psychological aspects of your relationships as well as your own actions and preferences. You also provide a sympathetic ear to those who need to vent. This is a lot for you to deal with but you are capable and thrive on this type of stuff now.

Scorpio: You resolve conflict through conversation and the exchange of ideas. You realize that it is important to listen. You don’t back down when you are sure you are right. You are open to new ideas and are ready to change your mind when presented with the facts. You learn that some folks share your values and interests.

Sagittarius: The Full Moon in your sign brings your emotional side into the foreground. You handle this well as you don’t allow yourself to get tangled up in those emotions. There’s a good deal of common sense rolling around in the background. You use that to your advantage. You also take some time out to do the things you enjoy the most.

Capricorn: While you take care of business in your usual efficient manner you enjoy some fun. You socialize with friends and engage in those activities that bring joy. An inner prompting reminds you to take in life’s pleasures while you can. Work and responsibilities will always be there. Take some time to smell the roses.

Aquarius: People, connections and conversation bring intellectual stimulation as well as plain old fun into your life. You are up for all of that as you are in a social mood. While you may have some financial glitches, there is nothing to worry about. Things will work out. You get creative with your favorite fun-time activities, making them even more fun.

Pisces: Your busy schedule keeps you on your toes and on the move. Be prepared for unexpected snags and snafus in your daily routine and commute. You will need to roll with the punches as disruptions seem to follow you around. You’re adaptable and make adjustments easily. You mix fun stuff and the serious with ease.