Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: May 1 – 15, 2024

Aries: Figuring out what really makes you happy fills you with energy and prepares you to take on new challenges, making May a very special month for you. While always energetic, this period finds you super charged and ready for any challenge. Lively conversations and physical activity brings on more energy. Be confident but realistic.

Taurus: You feel like revamping yourself, creating a new image or simply forging a new attitude. This also has you thinking about a new path forward. Change is in the air and you are ready for it. Normally you are quite content with a steady routine but lately you feel the urge to break out into something new.
Go for it!

Gemini: Secrets emerge, some are yours, some are not. Either way it makes for an interesting time in your life. You begin to open up from your inner being and as you do so, your world expands. Friends help you to see new horizons bringing conversation and fun times into your life. An authority figure blesses you with a good review.

Cancer: Your world opens up through new connections, new friends and new ideas. All this newness may alter your plans for the future. You have many lively discussions that help you to clarify and formulate new plans. New friends arrive and along with the old friends enhance your social life. You gather with like-minded folks to enjoy each other’s company.

Leo: You remain in the public eye and receive positive reviews from those who count. You feel right at home as the center of attention. You’re proud but humble at the same time. You have new ideas that move you into a different direction than you are used to. You speak up when you need to, with tact and diplomacy.

Virgo: New horizons open up for you and you are eager to explore. Some deep conversations ensue with those in your circle. These serve to enlighten you and assist you in clarifying your thoughts. While your opportunity to explore new worlds may have to be put on hold for a bit, it doesn’t stop you from making concrete plans to do that exploring.

Libra: Your usual light and airy demeanor gives way to a more deep and probing approach to relationships and attitudes you currently hold. Conversation and the exchange of ideas place you on the right path for you at this time. While some people want to talk, others seem to want to argue. You’re still the diplomat, so use those skills when needed.

Scorpio: Relationships and your interaction with others on all levels keep you occupied and on your toes, as you endeavor to maintain an even keel. Your intuition is in high gear and you are wise to listen to what that inner voice has to say. A romance or friendship is slow to start but if it continues it will prove to be a relationship that lasts.

Sagittarius: Revamping your daily routine and connecting with folks who reflect your values and interests brings some new and interesting people and ideas your way. While technology plays a big part, one-on-one conversations allow you to blossom with new ideas and welcome new friendships. You spend time doing things that bring you great enjoyment.

Capricorn: This period brings a surge in your creativity. You use this creative burst in all aspects of your life from home and family to work and career and all parts in between. So much of this will improve your life all around. You manage to have some fun while you are at it. Social and fun events bring some romance your way. Enjoy!

Aquarius: You keep close to home enjoying your personal space. You feel there is change in the air although you are not quite sure what those changes are and in what direction you will find yourself heading. No matter, you are ready for whatever comes your way. Some conversations with trusted friends help you to get clarity.

Pisces: A busy period filled with appointments, dates, conversation, and a great deal of running around town. You actually enjoy all of this activity. You have been quite serious lately and you are finding some enjoyable engagements and social events right around the corner. All this activity fuels your imagination and new ideas pop up.