Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: November 2022

Aries: Deep thinking and inner probing, not your usual modus operandi, keeps you subdued as you quietly mull things over. Things lighten up mid-month and your back to your usual enthusiasm. Expect delays in your commute and some onerous conversations. A sudden financial issue throws a monkey wrench in your plans. An old friend comes through for you.

Taurus: Relationships, who with and how you relate tops the agenda this month. Things you tolerated are no longer tolerable. The month begins with conversations and confrontations that can be quite intense. Folks get more rational as the energy shifts mid-month. That’s fortunate as money and shared resources enter the picture. Remain practical and cool.

Gemini: Mars retrograde in Gemini impacts your life and actions. Some things may be put on hold until January when Mars goes direct. You decide whether or not to take a particular action or to hold off until you get a better feel for things. During this period it is better to be the defender rather than the aggressor. Your thinking undergoes realignment now.

Cancer: The month begins with light-heartedness as you partake in all those activities that you so enjoy. Gradually you transition into taking care of business on a daily basis, whatever has been neglected get’s taken care of as you clear the decks. Some hidden action on your part may have a bigger impact than you anticipated.

Leo: The people in your life continue to challenge you and your perceptions of them. Some folks want to restrict you while others are not as stable and reliable as you had thought. A review of friendships and associations before you make changes is called for. Don’t be too hasty. The lively and interesting people have always been your preference.

Virgo: Like a circus juggler, you’ve got your hands full and can’t take your eye off the ball. Disparate energies come at you from all directions. Your innate talents rise to the occasion as you sort through what people are saying, what they mean and what’s it all about. Some folks are quite helpful while other are impossible to figure out.

Libra: You can’t avoid the topic of money, what is owed by you and to you. Something unexpected involving finance comes along, could be income, could be outflow. Whatever, it is a bit of a shock! The energy shifts and you find yourself so busy that you don’t have time to stew about finances. Practice practicality, deal with what you can control. 

Scorpio: You’re in for an interesting ride as the Lunar Eclipse falls across the Scorpio/Taurus axis. With Venus and Mercury riding with the Sun in Scorpio, you are able to speak your truth concisely. Expect some surprises from the folks in your life. You can’t figure out where they are coming from. They probably don’t know either. Roll with it as best you can.

Sagittarius: The contentious and cantankerous continue to plague you. It may be time to review your current relationships. The neighbors might be giving you some grief these days as well. Try not to stress as it is their “stuff” not yours. At the New Moon on Nov 23 it is time for a fresh start especially so for you since it is in your sign. Yahoo!

Capricorn: As you review and revise your daily routine you are thinking about heading in a different direction. You also thinking about diet and exercise and how you can live a healthier life. This includes the physical as well as the intellectual and spiritual aspects of your being. Ever practical you’re opening up to a wider universe.

Aquarius: Saturn in your sign reminds you of what is important and what needs to be taken care of. If you attend to what needs to be done, all well and good. If you don’t, Saturn will bite you, if he hasn’t bitten you already. With Saturn around, you have to be the adult in the room. Romance and all other fun things are under review now as you re-adjust.

Pisces: You bounce from the magical and mystical to the practical matters of life. Along the way you are having flashes of insight and light bulb moments. A good idea is to write these flashes of insight down before you forget them. Look at them in a couple of months and they may surprise you. There are some genius ideas floating around.