Make America Worse Again

William Schaff is a Warren-based artist who has lent his talents to many endeavors, but is perhaps most well-known for his skulled-up faces (check out his signature style on the faces of Gina Raimondo and Allan Fung he illustrated for our October 2018 cover).

His most recent project is the skulled-up face of Donald Trump — pictured here — paired with the text “Make America Worse Again, Vote Trump 2020.” He made this image a free download for people who wanted to hang it in their window or anywhere they deemed appropriate. “Have at it!” he wrote.

Schaff’s fans decided the most appropriate place for this image was a billboard, so they each pitched in a few bucks and made that dream a reality. The billboard went up on October 5, and you can see the skulled-up Trump at the corner of Dorrance and Friendship streets where it will remain until November 5 when all our questions will be answered — or perhaps more will be raised.