Fine Arts

Plein Air Pawtucket

Plein Air Pawtucket is the centerpiece of the Pawtucket Arts Festival. During the weekend of September 10, 12 artists will set up their canvases along a 1.25-mile walking tour that takes visitors to the Pawtucket Falls, Slater Mill, the library, the armory and along the Blackstone River.

According to Plein Air Pawtucket founder Nick Paciorek, the beauty of the event is that it allows visitors a different view of a piece of art and of a landscape. “Pawtucket offers such a rich source of inspiration for painters, and this event offers a chance for people to enjoy the outdoors, watch the artists work and see the city through the lens of the artist.”

Work done in plein air is particularly interesting because it allows an artist to incorporate color, movement and ever-changing natural light into their work. Passersby who fall in love with a particular piece may purchase it at the Pawtucket-based Pitcher-Goff House Gallery and Studio, a gorgeous venue worthy of a visit. The works created during the Plein Air Pawtucket event will become the inaugural paintings of the Pawtucket Collection, an ongoing collection of art that captures the spirit of Pawtucket.


The Pitcher-Goff House Gallery and Studio is located at 99 Broadway, Pawtucket.