Mama’s Rap


Listen up to the Mama

In her drama bout the change

I’m feelin’ like an arrow

Target ready / taking aim

Some think I’m going crazy 

Yeah actin’ insane

Damn right

I got an attitude

But let me explain

I said


To diss my clock

To say-I-got-to-keep-tickin’ 

When I wants to tock

To say growin’ old is ugly and sad

To throw me-away-like-trash

Like I just been had

They say about forty our best life begins

But some dimwits won’t let us win

To be women now 

Wise and strong

Liftin’ us up

Where we belong

I’m sixty-seven now

And in another stage

It’s me writin’ chapters 

For my next page

You men and you women 

Listen up and take note 

This sister’s not crazy

She’s got a new coat!