Pin-Up: Leah Schroeder

Do you have a nickname?
What do you never leave home without?
Sunglasses and sass
Favorite beach read?
The Dirt, by Motley Crue
Favorite place to watch an outdoor movie?
Grant’s Block in Downtown Providence.  Whatever Happened to Baby Jane and Jaws; two favorites back to back this summer!
Favorite show to binge watch when  it’s too hot to move?
“An Idiot Abroad”
What SPF do you use?
30 at least. Always apply your SPFs,  that sun’s a bad mama jama
It just wouldn’t be summer  without …?
Windows down, music up,  backyard BBQ’s, fireworks,  and a cold Gansett
What are you most  looking forward to  this summer?
Heading to  Tara’s Pub and  The Ocean Mist  in Matunuck for  some live tunes
Tell us a secret!
I can name that tune  in 3 notes. Maybe 2